Business program

The business programme includes more than 60 events, presentations and speeches dedicated to the promotion, sales and research of trends on the market of household goods, goods for dacha, household chemistry, gifts and New Year’s products.

All speeches and presentations have been prepared by specialists and practitioners who are professionally involved in retail, design, sales and marketing.





March 28, 2018

IEC Crocus Expo, pavilion 2


11:00 – 11:30, hall 11, HORECA

“Overview of user behavior and results of sales of garden hand tools in 2017”

Alexey Titarenko, GfK


11:30 – 12:30, hall 11, HORECA

Master-class “Let us stop selling garden and camping furniture, sunbeds, beach chairs and swings! How to start selling goods that are really valuable for the Client?”

The programme covers the issues of why the future of the industry of garden and country house goods lies in emotional sales of outdoor leisure impressions and how to deal with your competitors effectively.

  • Domestic market of outdoor furniture – quality, durability, price
  • Is selling products for dacha and garden on the Internet profitable?
  • Landscape design and lighting

Speaker: Alexey Mironov, Marketing Director of Alerco


12:30 – 13:00, hall 11, HORECA

“Merchandising peculiarities of garden furniture”

Natalia Rogacheva, Expert on visual merchandising


13:00 – 14:00, hall 11, HORECA

Master-class “Philosophy of dacha interior and household”.

  • What does one really need at the dacha? What should one get rid of?
  • Realities of the dacha culture (old and unnecessary things out of the apartment and into the balcony, out of the balcony and into the dacha)
  • What you do at the dacha – the interior depends on it! 
  • Simple, efficient and ergonomic decisions for your dacha (interiors with commentaries from a designer)

Anna Sharkunova, Anton Volkov, East-West design bureau


15.40 – 16.20, hall 9, TREND SPACE

“Trends in outdoor construction and landscape design. What does the consumer want?”

Maria Borovskaya, interior designer, head of a design studio


16.20 – 17.00, hall 9, TREND SPACE

“Peculiarities of collaboration of architects, landscape designers and furniture manufacturers while creating a high-quality project”

Tatiana Skvortsova, head of furniture and design studio Deni Art


17.00 – 17.40, hall 9, TREND SPACE

“Wooden house as the main trend of 2018-2019. Peculiarities of choosing inner and outer finishing and rules of outdoor space design. Landscape ergonomics”

Anton Kononenko, head of architecture and design studio


Business programme of the exhibitions House Hold Expo, Stylish Home, Christmas Box. Podarki, Dacha Outdoor – spring 2018 (IEC Crocus Expo, March 27-29, 2018)

The programme is subject to change

The programme is valid as of January 17, 2018



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