Exhibition news

BEGUNTS N.R. Individual entrepreneur (hall 11, booth No E403) will showcase chopping boards with a new design at the 26th international industrial exhibition of non-food products HOUSEHOLD EXPO spring 2021. Apart from chopping boards the product range of the company includes mats for hot dishes, wooden breadboxes, carved wooden napkin holders, coasters, breakfast tables, paper tissue holders and fridge magnets.

During the running of HouseHold Expo, Stylish Home. Gifts, Christmas Box. Podarki, Outdoor Dacha and ChemiCos spring-2021 exhibitions within the framework of “SUPPLIER-RETAIL” programme the participants will offer federal retail buyers, regional retail networks, multiformat retail trade operators and wholesale companies special terms for signing contracts at their booths.

At the international exhibition of household chemistry ChemiCos-2021 the Russian company Avgust will present efficient insecticides for your home and summer cottage. The product series includes insecticides against cockroaches, home and garden ants, fleas, bedbugs, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, Ixodidae (hard ticks), butterflies, moths, crickets, woodlice, earwigs, silverfish, etc. For the convenience of customers the following forms have been developed: aerosols, sprays, granules, gels, baits and others.