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Exhibition program is published on the web-site. Specially for gardeners and those...



Dear Sirs!
Podarki. Christmas Box exhibition begins its work at 10.00. We wait for you...



Seminar “Rising shop stuff loyalty” on March 5 at Outdoor Dacha.

“ Every time I try...


Dacha Outdoor – a specialized exhibition of products for country house and outdoor leisure. Organized by MOKKA Expo Group with assistance of Mayer J. Group. Leading manufacturers and suppliers will present gardening and household tools, small gardening equipment, sprinkling systems, equipment for banya and sauna, outdoor furniture and hardware, decoration elements, etc. Dacha Outdoor exhibition is a specialized event for industry professionals, a new business platform for PR in outdoor goods sector, which allows for stable demand growth for products and services of the sector, promotion of high quality goods on the Russian market.



Organizers: LLC «MOKKA Expo Group», Group of Companies Mayer J. Group.
Yuzhnoportovaya st. 7, bld. 1, 115088 Moscow, Russia Tel.: +7 (495) 363-50-32/33, www.outdoordacha.ru; e-mail: info@outdoordacha.ru